S(B)H15-M Series Sealed Amorphous Alloy electrical Distribution Transformer Transformer

Brand Name: TSTY

Model Number: SH15

Phase: Three

Service Voltage: 6-11kV

Rated Capacity: 30-5000kVA



S(B)H15-M Series Sealed Amorphous Alloy electrical Distribution Transformer Transformer


Amorphous alloy transformer is a low-loss and high-efficiency power transformer with iron-based amorphous metal as the iron core. The iron loss (ie no-load loss) of amorphous alloy transformers is 70-80% lower than that traditional transformers which generally use silicon steel as the iron core. It is an ideal low-loss energy-saving transformer at present. Because of low losses amorphous alloy transformers generate less heat .The temperature rise is low and the running performance will be very stable.


It can be widely used in high-rise buildings, commercial centers, subways, airport, stations, industrial and mining enterprises, drilling platforms, oil production platforms; especially suitable for flammable, explosive and other places with high anti-inflammatory requirements and harsh environments, and can also be used in residential areas , Commercial streets, industrial and mining enterprises and rural power and lighting.


Applicable environment:Indoor or outdoor where the altitude does not exceed 1000m;

Maximum ambient temperature +40℃;

Maximum daily average temperature +30℃;

The highest annual average temperature is +20℃, and the lowest temperature is -25℃.

Transformers that operate under special conditions of use can be provided according to user requirements.

Type Rated capacity
Connection symbol Voltage combination
Losses(W) No- load current(% Short-circuit impedance
H.V Tapping
L.V No-load  Load
SH15-M 30 Yyn0 6      6.3      10         10.5           11 ±5%     or       ±2X2.5% 0.4 30 600 1.7 4.0 340
SH15-M 50 43 870 1.3 430
SH15-M 63 50 1040 1.2 560
SH15-M 80 60 1250 1.1 720
SH15-M 100 75 1500 1.0 830
SH15-M 125 85 1800 0.9 940
SH15-M 160 100 2200 0.7 1250
SH15-M 200 120 2600 0.7 1450
SH15-M 250 140 3050 0.7 1600
SH15-M 315 170 3650 0.5 1980
SH15-M 400 200 4300 0.5 2300
SH15-M 500 240 5150 0.5 2570
SH15-M 630 Yyn0 or
320 6200 0.3 6 2550
SH15-M 800 380 7500 0.3 2810
SH15-M 1000 450 10300 0.3 3210
SH15-M 1250 530 12000 0.2 3400
SH15-M 1600 630 14500 0.2 4150
SH15-M 2000 720 15535 0.2 5600
SH15-M 2500 800 17270 0.1 6300

Structural features:

  • 01 Low loss, energy saving and high electricity efficiency.No-load loss is lowered by 70% compared with the traditional transformers.
  • 02.Low noise. Greatly reducing the noice class by using three- column amorphous cores.
  • 03 Maintenance free and no pollution. Low electricity consumption can reduce the emission of SO2CO2, and decrease environmental pollution and greenhouse effect.
  • 04 Good heat dissipation, strong overload capacity, and can be overloaded by 50% under air cooling
  • 05 Safe, non-flammable and fireproof can be installed directly in the load center
  • 06 No oil change is required under normal operation, which greatly reduces transformer maintenance costs and extends service life.
  • 07 Small size, light weight, stable structure, strong resistance to lightning impact, high mechanical strength, resistance to temperature changes and strong short-circuit resistance.
  • Iron core1.The amorphous alloy iron chip is extremely thin with 0.025mm. Lamination coefficient is low with 0.86. it is a new type of energy-saving material with iron, boron and other elements as the original subject. It adopt rapid Special processes such as cooling and solidification make the atomic arrangement of the substance appear as a disordered alloy. Its physical state is that the metal atoms are disordered and amorphous. It is completely different from the crystal structure of silicon steel and quite easy to be magnetized. Reduce the no-load loss of the transformer;


    1. The transformer core is usually rolled into a three-phase five-pillar structure with an amorphous alloy, which makes the height of the transformer lower than three-phase three-pillar. The circumference of the iron core is rectangular, and the lower yoke can be opened to facilitate the suit of the coil.

    2. Not only low-capacity windings using copper conductors, but also low-voltage windings generally use a cylindrical structure wound with copper foil. High-voltage windings use a multi-layer cylindrical structure to balance the ampere-turn distribution of the windings and minimize magnetic leakage.


    The body assembly, oil tank structure, protection device and other aspects are similar to the fully sealed oil-immersed distribution transformer. It also uses a non-suspended structure, adopts vacuum drying, vacuum oil filtering and oil injection processes.It uses a corrugated oil tank and no oil storage cabinet.




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